Wedding Set


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Product Description

(Collection of Veena Sprinkler, Mridangam, Sanai & a pair of Tablas)
Scents, Perfumes and Rosewater are inalienable part of marriages and social interactions. So are the musical instruments like Nadasvaram, Tabla, Mridangam and Sanai which are played for a prosperous prospective life of the newlyweds. There are two themes of exquisitely beautiful silver filigree perfumery sets of Scents and Rosewater and vermillion boxes .The Nadasvaram is a hollow cylinder filled with scent and the top portion, Mel, contains silver bristles to help apply the scent on hands or clothes of the guests. Each of the Mridangam & Tablas open and are good vaults to store personal memorabilia. This unique 800 man-hour artefact of immense utility is ideal accessory at welcoming guests at weddings and dignitaries at social gatherings.


Product Code: VW01-05

Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 2 cm

Note: Product dimensions & price will vary on individual product and its specific design intricacies.


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