Swan Veena

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Product Description

This is an exquisitely carved Swan-shaped silver filigree Lyre. Astute Craftsmanship is visible every inch in the making of the Resonator, the tapering hollow neck “Dandi” (bar) and the ornamental swan-head at the other end. The wings, the knobs, the stretching strings, and the sumptuous refurbishment of shapes on the surface, the separable bar of frets and the secondary support attended to minutest detail with finesse. Carved in 1000 man-hours with a team of 2 master artisans this Lyre has storage space for personal memorabilia which makes it a connoisseur’s choice.


Product Code: EA03

Product Dimensions: 45 X 12 X 12 cm

Note: Product dimensions & price will vary on individual product and its specific design intricacies.


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