Maharaja Paan Daan


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Product Description

This graceful Paan Daan … a safe for Pan Leaf and accessories for post-prandial peptic nourishment and a hall-mark of one of the eight pleasures of life in olden times… has a befitting regal look. This exclusive creation is a rendition of Nizams’ reign, an exquisite piece of art that showcases the finest handiwork of a team of 3  Master artisans for over one year. Mounted firmly on reliefs on four sides, this trellised Paan Daan with its elegant and easy flowing top is richly decorated in ornate silver-filigree. The prim lotus flowers studded at the feet endow a stately appeal. This collector’s edition is a connoisseur’s delight and makes a coveted heirloom.
Product Code: ET02

Product Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 23 cm

Note: Product dimensions & price will vary on individual product and its specific design intricacies.



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