Holy Padukas


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In the great Indian epic, The Ramayana, Bharata, the younger half-brother of Rama, carries Rama’s padukas over his head and rules as his proxy keeping them on the throne. The facsimile Buddha’s feet adorn many religious places in South-East Asia.
This elegant pair of scintillating padukas carved for over 80 hours in silver filigree, stand for miniature padukas of Rama/ Krishna/ Jesus or any personal God and can adorn the home temple of any household. They make an excellent choice for personal possession, Retirement, Diwali and other festive gifting. It can also be presented at temples during annual visits as a token of obeisance.


Product Code: DP01

Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 2 cm

Note: Product dimensions & price will vary on individual product and its specific design intricacies.


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