Life is an expression of emotion. On some very specific occasions we love to freeze the moment to revisit and relive later. An artistic keepsake, a souvenir, an heirloom, or a memorable is the best bequest that a man can leave behind. Each souvenir has a story to tell, an emotion to share and an occasion to cherish



God is an endless wonder. It is one faith we cannot shed as we grow. If the formless inspires from within, the form inspires from without. The pleasantest thing that people want to see first thing in the morning is… the face of their favorite God. If there is anything that one can love more than himself… it is God. This mesmerizing collection of divinity to the finest detail is a confluence of skill with material.


Marriage is not just a confluence of two lives, but it is a confluence of two traditions that the community celebrates with all festivity. The indelible marks of culture and tradition lie in every facet of the event. From personal attire to the line of precious ware used in the process bear a stamp of luxury, status and taste. Every item of this collection teems with art and aesthetic.


A Home is a second temple for some people. Why not? It houses sacred souls, resonates with their voices, carries their fragrances and blesses with everything within its means. That’s why Some people keep it clean and decorate it pleasantly. A peaceful home is an abode of God. This collection adds beauty to substance… of any home.


Ironically, the only thing that multiplies when you divide it is… pleasure. The more you give, the more you get back. There can’t be a better gesture than to greet the person with a gift on his Birthday/ Marriage Day/ Success/ Decoration with honor. This exclusive collection presents multiple choices to affirm that people count more than currency.


Identity is a supreme urge. Everybody wants to be different. But, it is only the actions and not the thoughts, which confer uniqueness. From personal possessions to presentations, some people don’t compromise on quality. They are not afraid to walk alone on a less-travelled road. That’s why their life has an adventurous charm. They leave their signature on everything they lay hands on. Those things become relics and coveted artifacts for that very reason. This collection yearns to stand a totem to such rare species.